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We were born for battle

without vision we will die

sara elaine
22 September 1985
my name is sara and i'm almost twenty one years of age. i have a wonderful husband named davey who is awesome. we were married august 6, 2005. okay now that all the mushy stuff is out of the way i love music. i'm a member of amnesty international and formally peta (ask me why i quit and i'll tell you. it has something to do with some of my puppies.) i love photography and painting. i also am addicted to tattoos. i have six as of right now. i also have a few piercings and i really like reading. i have five dogs, four cats, and a parrot who talks nonstop and most recently a rat named testiclees because he has big nuts and another rat named mr. eww poo because when i picked him out and picked him up he pooped on me and i said "eww poo" oh and we have a chinese water dragon called norbert.